Creative learning space - Chiang Mai University

Project type: Design Proposal, Architecture, Service design
Location: Chiang Mai
Year: 2015

This is a proposal project I have worked with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Chiang Mai University. The project was aimed to develope an unused area into a creative and leisure space for students and the faculty itself


The starting point

The project started out from the renovation of the canteen to solve problems such as fallen tree branches on the roof, and to improve the atmosphere. The project also includes a design of the Faculty’s own cafe Araca that will be used to sell health products developed by the faculty itself.

The turning point

After a few meeting with the faculty's executive team and the students 'Not just a canteen/cafe' has become the new theme of this design. The project looks to perform as a new creative learning space for student and will collaborate with outside stakeholders like Pharmacy Community, Local traditional health club and other outside related speakers and workshop holders.