Airport Renovation (Bachelor Thesis)

Project type: Interior Architecture Renovation
Location: Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Date: 2013/14


This Airport Renovation is my Bachelor Thesis. Mae Hong Son used to be one of the most popular travel destination in Thailand, but over the time, its popularity had faded partly because of the town did not carry on any promotion and advertisementlike other tourism spots in Thailand. For many years the economic situation in Mae Hong Son has gone down due to shortage of touriss. In this Project I have done several research with the Municipal Office of Mae Hong Son to carry new airport plan that not only will revive the city tourism, but also to bring the pride back to the people in this city. The airport should be accordingly modified and renovate in a way that can support more flights, as well as international ones. However, its available facility was not enough to offer service for international flights, or frequent schedule, therefore I have approached a way to bring the airport back into operation again and expand the international part in an economic way


The Replanning

The building has been separated into two wings by its function: Domestic section on the left wing International section on the right wing In miiddle hall is where you can pick up passengers. On each floor holds different zoning according to the main users. First floor: Arrival Section Secondfloor: Departure Section Check in area also locates here to facilitate departing passengers.


Design Concept

Using material contrast to distinguish different building zone by create optical gesture to simplify complicated buildinging plan. Users can intuitively direct themselves to the desired area.