Lightning Effect Lamp

Project type: Lamp and Lighting Effect Design
Location: -
Date: 2013

Little Piglet was alone in his own house on a stormy day, afraid of every unknown thunderous noise and lightning from outside. This situation was taken from Winnie-the-Pooh book in chapter 9, and it was our main inspiration to create a lighting source, with lighting effect that would surprise or scare Piglet, and can even resemble him.

Getting scared is a natural reaction in human and all living creatures, which is an automatic function from our brain. That lamp was determined to give lighting effect, which reflects to the mentioned concept.


Design Concept

The goal was to create an atmospheric lighting source that demonstrates a situation where Piglet, the conceptual inspiration, would get terrified of - an unpredictable situation that is somehow completely harmless and very natural. In order to resemble its nature, the lamp should also give multiple lighting effects, same way that the clouds let the light pierce through it and shine a soft glow halo, as well as occasionally create lightning in a stormy day.

The colours of the light are designed to reflect the colour of Piglet; which are Pink, Red and Purple. The colour intensity is somehow rather rich. With a combination of LED lamp and Fluorescence, this lamp creates two different types of lighting.

Diffuse light created by a combination of fluorescence lamp, thinly covered with cotton layer.

Sharp light pierces out from LED lamp through the body of cloud, which is made with metal wool

To intensify its unpredictability, we designed a lighting effect, with a little help from a motion censor and hide it inside, that makes the light behave like lightnings inside a rain cloud, when the censor detects movements around it.


How does it work?


Team members: Puk Sithongsurapana, Par Pongthanavaranon, Kwankamol Phantuna